• What’s Up With Ducks? Senator Ted Cruz on the SAVES ACT, Upcoming Election and the 2nd Amendment & Biologist Will Mosely on Growing Season Prescribed Burns

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    Any waterfowler can tell you that Pintails have struggled in recent memory. But nobody seems to have a firm understanding as to why. Other puddle duck species are thriving, well above their long term averages yet the Pintail’s population trend seems to dip year after year. Ducks Unlimited Chief Biologist Tom Moorman makes his return to shed some light on the pintail’s struggles as well as to break down the recent USFWS Waterfowl Survey Report.

    All puddle ducks were down (except Wigeon) from last year with Gadwall making the most surprising fall at 31% down from the 2017 Survey. Tom explains why it’s not all doom and gloom despite the poor survey results. Other things we discuss in detail include redheads and ringnecks – two of my favorite diving ducks.

    Then, United States Senator Ted Cruz (R. Texas) makes his return to the show. Senator Cruz recently sponsored a bill known as the SAVES ACT which would affect non native wildlife management practices. I ask the senator to explain exactly how the SAVES ACT would affect exotic wildlife populations going forward. Also, we get Senator Cruz’s take on the possible transfer of federal land to state control ( a notion recently brought to the forefront by Utah Senator Mike Lee).

    We wrap up our discussion by hitting on the 2nd Amendment and the upcoming election. His democratic opposition Robert Francis O’Rourke is known to wear his “F” rating from the NRA as a badge of honor. But that isn’t all you will dislike about O’Rourke. Senator Cruz gives us a brief overview of his opponents running platform.

    Next Will Mosely of the Noble Research Institute drops in to discuss some outside of the box thinking on prescribed burns and when we should be implementing them for the betterment of our whitetail herds. I think it’s been beaten into our heads that this practice should be done in late winter before the spring green up, but Will has some data that suggests otherwise pertaining the the crude protein loads of 4 common plant species that make up a good portion of a whitetail’s diet.

  • Early Season Elk With Ryan Callaghan and Dove Fearless Forecast with TPWD’s Owen Fitzsimmons

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    It’s almost here! September 1st will find 300,000 Texas hunters in the field with shotguns in hand. Texas Parks and Wildlife Dove Program Leader Owen Fitzsimmons jumps on the show to discuss the imminent season. We talk 2018 production, re-nesting habits, shells fired per bird harvested (Texas hunters harvest 10 million dove annually), adjusted season dates and much more!

    Then we spend a significant amount of time talking all things archery elk with our old friend Ryan Callaghan of First Lite. How close is too close to set camp in area holding elk? What is his go to for light weight water purification? Once you’ve put a mid day bull to bed, should you go in and kill him in his bed, or try to sweet talk him to you? We also discuss different calling techniques for different situations. If you enjoy chasing bugling bulls I think you’ll enjoy the discussion.

  • Campfire Conversation With Michael Waddell, Novice Hunter Prepares for Dall Sheep Hunt of a Lifetime & Killing Ducks Quick & Clean W/ ‘The Finisher’

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    Over the years, we’ve had some great discussions with Michael Waddell. This was unscripted visit was no exception. I really had no idea where I wanted the conversation to go, so we just winged. I think you might even hear a cold beer crack open in the background.

    Are Rio Grand Turkey’s really less intelligent that their Easter cousins? How do you convince your spouse that you have to go on the hunt of a lifetime when you’ve already been on 5 hunt of a lifetimes this season? What issue does Michael see that we need to do a better job of policing ourselves at as a hunting community? All that and much more.

    Then we’re joined by First Lite’s Tag Spenst – Director of Digital Marketing. Tag recently drew a coveted dall sheep hunt at the 2018 Sheep Show in Reno, Nevada. Funny thing though, Tag’s hunting experience consists of killing one duck and one quail. We get his take on what it was like winning that hunt and the preparation he’s put into getting ready for hunting Dall Sheep in Alaska’s famed Brooks Range.

    Our friend David Maestas also jumps on to tell us about a unique duck hunting product that I believe belongs on every waterfowler’s lanyard. “The Finisher” is a quick and humane way to put down those cripples that every one of us has seen flopping around the pile of dead ducks. Yeah, the one you though you’d rung it’s neck only to see it twitching 10 minutes later. As ethical sportsmen we need to be better than that. ‘The Finisher’ is the solution to that problem.