When I moved to Pnuma in 2021, it felt like home. A Texas based company that offers top quality hunting apparel? One that doesn’t look over my shoulder and supports me when I touch the taboo topics other hunting podcasts or influencers (I hate that term but it seems to be what folks call us these days) don’t want to discuss. Like who I’m voting for, or the fact that the 2A is absolute, or that boys are boys and girls are girls- you know the stuff the Western guys want no part of.

Yeah, I can get behind a company that shares those same ideals and also happens to make some incredibly high performance gear. This past hunting season, I got to test out some exciting new additions to the Pnuma line up and see what the buzz regarding the new camo pattern was all about. Pnuma’s head of Product Development, Joe Haddock joins me on this episode of Campfire Conversations. We discuss the new SKU’s and new pattern in detail. Pnuma also offers a lifetime warranty on all their apparel, which seems crazy considering how most hunters treat their hunting clothing. Check us out for this fall if you haven’t already. This is a company I am proud to work with.