When I first saw the video of thousands upon thousands of snow geese frozen solid on a lake, I was initially shocked. Then I immediately wondered, what happened? It turns out the video I saw is actually one of many like it, and this is occurring somewhat frequently in the Dakotas. Free lance waterfowl content creator, videographer and hunter Sean Weaver joins us this week to find out the answer. He has seen it first hand and witnessed sick snow geese on the side of the road and even falling from the sky after struggling to keep up with their flock.

Sean gives us the scientific reason as to why these geese are dying in large numbers. We also discuss a bunch of other topics with the die hard waterfowler including:

  • Is whatever is killing the geese affecting other bird species?
  • If it was another species besides snow geese, would more people be concerned?
  • Would you eat a duck with rice breast or a deer with CWD?
  • Thoughts on CWD
  • Destination bucket list waterfowl hunts
  • Is there a grey area where ethics and game laws intersect?
  • Snow goose population cycle of past 50 years, now trending downward