Hunting Ethics are deeply personal. What some of us deem as kosher or even necessary, others throw shade at. On this week’s show I sit down with Outdoor Life contributor Nick Fasciano.

After reading his feature on a recent Idaho mule deer hunt, I knew I wanted to visit with him about how he handled the situation. Imagine stalking a mature mule deer, deep in Idaho’s snow covered back country, and when you finally get within 150 yards the buck suddenly disappears. You can’t believe your eyes, but what looked like a snowy field was actually a partially frozen lake.

The deer is thrashing around but can’t escape the watery grave. What do you do? Nick tells us his thought process and the dicey situation he ended up in after wading in to retrieve the deer in sub freezing temps. We also touch on Back Country Hunters and Anglers (BHA) and the odd scenario when a lost 11 year old boy wondered into his elk camp one night last fall.

(All photos contributed by Nick Fasciano)