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Veganism/Vegetarianism Could Lead to Mental Health Issues, When Crappie Attack & the Latest Innovation From Elite Archery and Slick Trick Broadheads

If it’s not one thing it’s another for outfitter/fishing gudie and my longtime friend Greg Pavur. You might recall our interview last summer after Greg was tagged by a 10 inch rattlesnake. Fast forward to this summer and he was back in the hospital for multiple surgeries after getting a crappie fin (spine) stuck in his leg! Lots of laughs during this discussion between old friends.

Next we spend a couple segments with Dr. Georgia Ede. The nutritional psychiatrist joins the conversation to discuss animal protein and it’s affect on our mental health. Fascinating stuff! I truly do feel sorry for vegans and vegetarians who are starving their brains of necessary vitamins and nutrients found in meat and animal fats.

We then check in with Larry McCoy of Elite Archery and Slick Trick Broadheads. If you haven’t shot the new Elite Ritual, I highly recommend it! Larry also breaks down the latest from Slick Trick and discusses his plans for the upcoming fall hunting season.