Synopsis of Episode 24:

We dive in deep with Texas Agrilife Wildlife Specialist Dr. Billy Higgenbotham. We talk food plot and feeder ratios in respect to property size. What food plot will grow best in your region of the state? How long should you continue to feed corn after deer season ends? We cover that and so much more. Dr. Higgenbotham provides the most in depth insight on how to be a good land steward and properly manage your deer herd.

Also, Texas Country music artist and avid outdoorsman Charlie Robison pops in for a visit. Charlie is hosting the first ever Bay Bash and Redfish Round-up which goes down July 4th weekend in Rockport. A weekend of great fishing and even better music as Charlie, Roger Creager, Band of Heathens, Brandon Rhyder and many others take the stage. It’s gonna be a good one!