Synopsis of Episode 25:

Well, there isn’t much of a debate when it comes to who is the planet’s best bass angler. With 5 Angler of the Year titles and 3 BassMaster Classic Championships Kevin Van Dam is the world’s best. Kevin stops by for a visit and talks about his love for fishing as well as hunting!

What does Kevin look for first when pre-fishing? How does he draw large spawning females off their beds and what bait would he choose if stranded on an island? All that and much more with KVD !!!


Also, for you Texas waterfowlers- Delta Waterfowl’s Director of Coservation Programs Joel Brice talks about Delta’s hands on approach to waterfowl conservation- Predator Control. With an ever changing landscape dominated by farmland in the Prarie Pothole Region, it has become necessary to take out one animal to ensure the survival of another.

This program directly benefits the Texas waterfowler- since Delta is based in the Central Flyway’s northern most state North Dakota. Predator control means more ducks for us in the Central Flyway’s southern most state- TEXAS!!! This week we go in depth into the philosophy of predator control with one of the world’s oldest and most deicated conservation organizations.