Synopsis of Episode 44:

Should be a pretty educational show this week. Staying on top of current issues that could directly affect the Texas outdoorsman is something I take pride in so off the top we’ll visit with Matt Dunn- Legislative Director for the National Marine Manufacturers Association. Why visit with Matt??? Because Obama and the EPA are attempting to ramrod some ridiculous legislation down our throats. The proposed legislation was drafted by the EPA and would allow the sale of E15 gasoline. E15 is NOT compatible with any marine engine, lawnmower, weed whacker (or any other gas powered equipment) and even vehicles manufactured prior to 2007. Ethanol is bad for the engine and the consumers and all 13 million registered boat owners in the country could be left holding the bag on this deal.

Then, Dale Hall- CEO Ducks Unlimited drops in. Dale was recently named the Conservationist of the Year by America’s Wetland Foundation. We get into that, the lasting effects of the tragic Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill, Dale’s favorite place to hunt, and the most glaring obstacle he forsees facing the future of our continents waterfowl.


We round things out with a guy who is probably a lot like you and me. Van Zandt County bowhunter Greg Goodrich joins the show to talk about an unfortunate decision he made while deer hunting last week. Greg killed an 8pt buck that failed to meet the Antler Restrictions in Grayson County. Greg didn’t realize this until he laid his hands on his buck. This was his largest archery deer ever harvested and while a trophy to him- the deer was still illegal. So he was faced with two choices: 1) walk away and let the deer lay in the woods OR 2) tag the deer and turn himself in… Lets just say that I am proud to have such an honest man and ethical hunter as a guest. Lots to learn from Greg’s experience!

Greg’s illegal Hagerman 8pt.