Wow what an awesome story to kick off this week’s broadcast. Trevor Brittingham was fortunate enough to harvest the oldest buck I’ve ever heard of this past whitetail season on a 5,000 acre Dimmit County, TX ranch. The buck know as ‘Indigo’ was first filmed at 3 years old and Trevor first saw him and filmed him running does as a 160 class at 10 years old!

He took the video to the ranch manager and they scoured the archives until they found the buck that would become known as ‘Indigo’. Turns out they even had his 7 year old sheds on hand. His rack changed over the years but he always maintained a narrow rack with some very defining characteristics. After that disovery Trevor hunted him hard but Indigo disappeared for 2 seasons and was feared dead. A helicopter survey discovered he was indeed still alive at the ripe old age of 13 and Trevor’s patience and dedication to hunting this buck finally paid off in December.

Trevor with Indigo- a 14 year old trophy!

 photo TrevorBrittinghamIndigoDownBest_zps4060036f.jpg

Indigo’s 7 year old sheds

 photo TrevorBrittinghamIndigoSheds2_zps921f275d.jpg

Indigo captured on trail cam just days before Trevor harvested him.

 photo TrevorBrittinghamIndigoGameCam2_zps72a5c26e.jpg

Then one of my favorite Texas artists joins us when William Clark Green drops by the studio. William’s new record ‘Rose Queen’ comes out April 30th. We hear a couple tunes and talk a lot of hunting. A passionate waterfowler- William grew up duck and goose hunting on his family ranch near Beaumont, Texas. He then attended Texas Tech in Lubbock and experienced waterfowling on a whole new level during his college years. We cover all that and William even tells us about his recent offshore fishing trip which didn’t turn out so great. Dramamine anybody? William playing the new single ‘She Likes The Beatles’ in the Lone Star Outdoors Show Studio:

 photo WilliamClarkGreen_zps34d6823d.jpg