Lots of star power this weekend! We start off by checking in with renown chef, world traveler, author, blogger and TV show host Andrew Zimmern. His hit series Bizzare Foods is wrapping up Season 7 on Travel Channel. What drew me to invite Andrew on the show is the fact that he is also an avid hunter and angler which is depicted in almost every episode of Bizzare Foods. He has hunted and fished for wild game all over the globe. He brings Bizzare Foods full circle in each episode by showing the entire process from the hunt to harvest, to gutting and cleaning and then the preparation and eventual consumption of the animal. Andrew with a nice strap of ducks from the Texas Coast.

 photo AndrewZimmernDucks_zps963454cf.jpg

Sure Andrew will eat just about anything put in front of him, but I truly respect the fact that he isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty and doesn’t sugar coat how food is really procured. We talk about some of his favorite hunting/fishing trips, most tasty wild game recipes and of course we’ll find out what his least favorite wild game meal consisted of. Andrew with a nice tuna caught off the coast of Samoa.

 photo andrewzimmernfish_zpsa1292f9f.jpg

Then we check in with old friend and one of my favorite songwriters Brandon Rhyder. We talk some music- including taking a listen to the brand new single “Haggard” which is climbing up the Texas charts. Brandon talks about the single and the new record (which currently doesn’t have a title) but is scheduled to be released sometime this summer. Brandon doing what he does best:

 photo BrandonRhyderMusic_zps01c807bd.jpg

Also, if you’ve been watching Sportsman’s Channel over the past couple of months then you might have seen Brandon as a frequent guest on Lone Star Outdoors TV. Hunting and fishing were part of Brandon’s upbringing in rural Northeast Texas. But with his music career having blossomed, he is finding alot more time to enjoy the outdoors. He took down this Texas free ranging aoudad at 450 yards on a recent hunt!!! Nice shot.

 photo BrandonRyhderAoudad_zps8d15a58d.jpg