If you’ve ever been in the Rocky Mountains and heard a big bull elk bugling then it probably sent chills down your spine. These animals are perhaps the most majestic of all North America’s big game species. And this week we kick things off by talking elk with Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation Texas State Co Chair Mark Biggs. Much in the same vein as Ducks Unlimited and ducks, the RMEF is focused on conserving elk and their habitat. Mark talks about the organization’s mission statement, history and their presence in Texas ( you might be surprised to know we have over 20 chapters). Of course, we also talk some elk hunting as well. Be sure to check out the RMEF’s website to see how you can get involved: (Photo Courtesy of RMEF)

 photo BullElkSon_zpsd7704f32.jpg

Then we are joined by Grayson County bowhunter Robert Taylor who on December 29th of last season arrowed a monster whitetail that would be become the #1 scoring Texas whitetail of all time (barely beating out the AJ Downs buck harvested opening morning of last season). Robert’s buck would go on to score 254 4/8 inches!!! The land he and his son hunted was only 4.7 acres. Robert talks about this buck’s elusive nature and his wandering habits. Still, there were many close encounters including a missed shot by his son. The Taylor buck on the hoof.

 photo RobertTaylor_zps87369513.jpg

Robert talks about watching this buck grow for 4 years before finally having the opportunity to stick an arrow in him. Robert with his amazing buck, the 9th largest archery whitetail ever harvested in North America:

 photo RobertTaylor2_zps4cb23a15.jpg

The we round out the show by talking quail with our old friend and Texas Parks & Wildlife Upland Game Bird Program Leader Robert Perez. With spring rains rescuing some of the state from continued extreme drought, can we expect the bobwhite to bounce back this season? Robert recently returned from a 25 state conference in Virginia where the focus was on quail restoration. We dive into some of the topics discussed at the quail conference. Also, what role do fire ants really play regarding quail, turkey and other upland birds such as pheasant? All that and much more with the man who has his finger squarely on the pulse of Texas’ quail population.

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