Texas Parks & Wildlife’s Wildlife Division Director Clayton Wolf makes his return to the show. For the past week, Clayton and Carter Smith have been on the road in East Texas, traveling to public hearings in order to get folks feedback on some possible regulation changes that could affect 10 East Texas counties. In 1990, it became illegal to trail wounded deer with tracking dogs in 34 counties. The proposed changes would allow hunters the opportunity to once again have the advantage of trailing hit deer with tracking dogs. Clayton talks about the response they received at the hearings and also the history behind outlawing the use of tracking dogs in East Texas almost 25 years ago.

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Then we are joined by one of Pro Bass Fishing’s most affable personalities and well liked individuals- Dean Rojas. The longtime Elite Series pro is widely considered to be pioneer of fishing plastic top water frogs, and few have as much knowledge on the subject as Dean. He has won and lost tournaments on plastic frogs. Dean with a couple toads at a recent Elite Series event:

 photo DeanRojasBass2_zpsb348e8ea.jpg

We discuss the special technique and presentation that Dean uses to entice big fish to blow up his plastic frogs. There’s much more to it than just working the bait back to the boat with a few pauses mixed in. Also, we pick Dean’s brain on color selection and whether or not weather patterns influence his decision on whether or not to throw a plastic frog. One thing is for certain- few things are as exciting as a huge black bass exploding onto the surface to inhale a topwater frog! Dean working a frog in a tournament:

 photo DeanRojasBass_zpsdd3887a2.png

We round out the broadcast by checking in with our good friend Vance Runnels- Auction Manager for the Texas Deer Association. The TDA’s 15th annual convention and deer auctions is right around the corner and this year’s event promises to be the biggest and best yet. Our good friend and whitetail junkie Kevin Fowler will even be providing the entertainment on Friday night. If you love whitetail deer, then this is the summer event you don’t want to miss. Over 200 exhibitors converge on the JW Marriot Hill Country Resort August 15th-17th for this one of a kind event!

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