Big bass talk get’s the ball rolling for us this week when we check in with our friend and renown outdoor writer John Felsher. His recent article in Texas Fish & Game Magazine titled “Swim Baits Make a Big Splash” focuses on how effective big swim baits can be for landing the largemouth of a lifetime. Let’s face it, all serious bass fisherman have a couple swim baits in there tackle box but most of the time we just stare at and pick another bait because swim baits traditionally don’t produce alot of bites.

But, if you know when and where to chunk a big swimmer then you might just end up with the biggest bass of your life. John breaks down some of his favorite swim baits and when and where he throws them. We also get insight from Bassmaster Classic Champions KVD and Jay Yelas on when they use big swim baits. So next time, don’t just look at that huge swim bait- tie that sucker on and hold on tight!

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The a real treat when our old friend and Texas honky tonker Phil Hamilton swings by the studio to talk some duck hunting and play a couple tunes. His new live project “Live at the Whiskey Girl Saloon”. This 16 track live recording hits ITunes August 20th. The record features two previously unreleased singles that Phil plays for us live. We also reminisce on the 2012-2013 Texas waterfowl season and talk about Phil’s plans for the upcoming season- including a Kansas snow goose hunt! With a beard that would make Jase Robertson jealous, it’s pretty clear his face will be warm in the duck blind.

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We round out the show by diving head first into the always controversial topic of high fence hunting. Whether you love them, hate them or are indifferent, they have definitely changed the face of Texas’ landscape over the past 30 years. Our resident expert Ben Loftin of Ben Loftin Fencing joins us to talk about the history of high fence’s in the Lone Star State. Specifically, how they have evolved from their original purpose to provide hunters with exotic opportunity into the specialized whitetail management tool they often are today. Either way, we need to stand united as hunters- no matter which side of the fence you’re on.

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