We get things going this week by checking in with an old friend in Larry Weishuhn (AKA ‘Mr. Whitetail’). Larry has pretty much seen and done it all in the outdoor industry. From managing ranches as a biologist, to writing books and hunting articles to hosting various hunting shows on TV. But it was a recent article of his that really peaked my interest. The article was called “When Javelina Come Calling” and it chronicled his experiences calling javelina into close quarters with a simple mouth distress call.

We visit with Larry about this interesting phenomenon in nature. Honestly, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense for a herbivore to come running looking for a fight in response to a jackrabbit distress sound. But come in they do, and they come in hard and fast! Also, Larry talks about his brand new show which premiered July 1st on Sportsman Channel – ‘Trailing The Hunter’s Moon’. Be sure to check it out! (Larry and I at the Dallas Safari Club Convention in 2011)

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Then we dive into “Operation World Record” with Texas Parks & Wildlife Freshwater Fisheries Center Director Allen Forshage. TPWD hopes that thru the Sharelunker Program’s Selective Breeding effort that a new world record bass will one day come out of Texas waters. The current state record is still 18.18 lbs caught by Barry St. Claire on Lake Fork back in 1992. That is still over 4 lbs light of George Perry’s 22 lb 4 oz bass caught in Georgia back in 1932.

Allen discusses some of the Sharelunker Program’s history as well as the details concerning genetic testing and selective breeding. Who knows…maybe one of these 100% pure Florida strain fingerlings hatched from Sharelunkers brought into the Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center will end up being the next world record?

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Next we visit Texas Department of Agriculture Commissioner Todd Staples regarding the new County Hog Abatement Matching Program (CHAMP). This grant program gives Texas counties the opportunity to apply for state funded grants that they can then in turn use to pay hunters/trappers for every feral hog they kill. Getting paid to kill feral hogs? Heck, most of us gladly do it for free LOL. So this seems like a pretty sweet deal! Commissioner Staples discusses this as well as the established Hog Out County Grants.

Over 2.6 million feral hogs inhabit Texas and with no real natural enemy it’s clear that their numbers need to be kept in check. Each year, feral hogs cause an estimated 50 million dollars in losses to Texas agriculture alone. These hogs were trapped by our friend Don Gresham at Goin Fencing in Montague County- check out his website if you are interested in a hog trap, if you’re county is enrolled in the CHAMP program you could start getting paid! (Goin’ Fencing’s Website)

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We wrap things up when our longtime friend Captain Len Girard joins us live from the Upper Laguna Madre for our coastal fishing report. Captain Len tells us what the trout and redfish are biting and where to catch ’em. This week he also shares one of the funniest fishing stories I’ve heard in my lifetime.

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