This week we jump right into things by talking bowfishing with guide Aaron Haddock of Nockternal Adventures. I had the pleasure of joining Aaron on his boat ‘Good Company’ on Lake Texoma this past week for my first ever bowfishing trip. It far exceeded my expectations as we stuck over 20 fish on our trip. It was about as much fun as one can have on the water! Anyway, Aaron talks about what goes into a successful bowfishing operation. We also discuss the best time of the year to target trophy alligator gar and what species of fish you can expect to shoot on most Texas lakes. Aaron and some happy clients after a recent trip.

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Then we check in with our Texas Parks and Wildlife Small Game and Migratory Bird Program Leader Dave Morrison. This September, Texas teal hunters will enjoy a 6 bird daily bag limit (up from 4 in previous years). Dave is also the Central Flyway Representative to Washington D.C. so he breaks down how the increase in hunter harvest opportunity came about. We also cover a couple other nationwide regulation changes including an increase in the possession limit of migratory game birds. Good news for any wingshooter who travels to hunt!

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19 year old Lucy Milsap drops in next to talk about the 72 lb flathead catfish she weighed in at the Paul’s Valley Okie Noodling Championship this June. Not only did Lucy win big fish and a hefty paycheck, but she also became the first female to ever win the granddaddy of noodling tournaments! Lucy is also a member of the Bare Knuckle Babes, a group of good looking gals who are out to prove that women can be beautiful while still getting down and dirty by messin’ with giant catfish! Lucy with a giant flathead:

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We round out the broadcast when Hunt With Our Heroes founder Nate Nelson joins us. This non-profit organization takes active duty, veterans, firemen and women and police officers on some pretty amazing hunting/fishing adventures. Nate talks about how the outdoors can make a difference in the lives of folks who have seen and been through hell and back while protecting the rest of us. (Hunt With Our Heroes Website)

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