Most Texas hunters are probably aware of the controversy surrounding the fate of 3 exotic species that were extremely popular on Texas ranches. The Scimitar Horned Oryx, Dama Gazelle and Addax are endangered in their native Africa but captive breeding/hunting operations in Texas had been wildly successful up until 2012. We are thrilled to have Safari Club International President Craig Kauffman join the show this weekend to discuss the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service’s bowing to pressure from anti hunting groups and their gross mishandling of the situation.

By listing these species on the Endangered Species list stateside, the exact opposite affect took place. Game ranches sold hunts for these animals as fast they could prior to the regulation changes. In some cases, the ranches themselves ended up wiping out these animals themselves because it was no longer financially sound to continue supporting large herds of oryx, gazelle and addax. We discuss the gross hypocrisy of anti hunting organizations and Craig talks about SCI’s mission to promote big game conservation all over the world.

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Then a real treat when one of my all time favorite Texas singer/songwriters drops by the studio. An excellent storyteller, Mark David Manders has been writing and performing great Texas music for over 20 years now. Mark is also a lifelong outdoorsman who these days enjoys bass fishing and bird hunting with his sons. Of course Mark brought his guitar with him so we will hear some new music and some classics as well. One thing is for sure, there’s never a dull moment when MDM is around.

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Then we wrap things up by visiting with the Chairman of the newly formed TPWD Foundation Young Professionals Group Mac Macfarlan. This group comprised of late 20’s to early 40’s age professional folks share a passion for our outdoor heritage and promoting conservation. Their main goals are to assist the Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation’s fundraising efforts. The group had a successful kickoff meeting this spring where TPWD Executive Director Carter Smith was the keynote speaker.

Currently, the Young Professional Group is focused on raising funds for the Trans-Pecos pronghorn antelope relocation project (pictured below). This ongoing effort to help re-establish what was once a healthy pronghorn population in the Trans-Pecos takes considerable man power, technology and equipment such as helicopters- all of which are expensive. To get involved with this great group of passionate & driven young people: (TPWD Foundation Young Professionals Group)

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