This week we are all over the map! The broadcast is highlighted by two great and very different guests. First, we mix it up with Benny Spies- Outdoor Life Magazine Columnist and Host of Sportsman Channel’s ‘Gun It With Benny Spies’. The show breathes new life into outdoor television with an authentic look at how America really hunts and the campfires and stories that accompany those adventures. This South Dakota native is young, charismatic and has a way of endearing himself to everyone he crosses paths with. ‘Gun It’ premieres Sunday night July 7th at 9:30 CST on Sportsman Channel.

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Then we deviate from our normal straight hunting and fishing talk when we are joined by The NRA’s National Firearm Museum Director Jim Supica. A lifelong gun enthusiast, Jim has written books and had countless articles published concerning firearms. You might also recognize him as the co-host of NRA’s Guns & Gold – Sportsman Channel’s most popular show.

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This week we visit with Jim about some specific firearms that have helped change the course of modern history. From the .50 caliber air gun that Louis and Clark took on their famous expedition West, to three guns revolutionized firearms moreso than any others throughout history. Just like the M1 Garand that Jim is holding below. Not only was this gun used by The Greatest Generation to win World War II, but the bolt action style also became the norm among modern sporting rifles. Fascinating stuff that any gun enthusiast will enjoy!

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