Film Director Kris Koenig kicks things off this week by¬†dropping in to discuss his new documentary ‘Assaulted: Civil Rights Under Fire’. The film was released this week and it focuses on the literal rights the Constitution and 2nd Amendments are intended to grant American citizens. Sadly, those rights that this country were founded on continue to erode with each passing day.

‘Assaulted’ brings to the light the fact that as Americans we do have the right to own and possess firearms to protect ourselves against tyranny- be that from government or individuals. The film has a litany of guests and is narrated by pro 2nd Amendment rapper Ice-T. Here is brief clip from ‘Assaulted’ where Ted Nugent breaks down the 2nd Amendment in a few short words:

Then we are joined by Captain Brett Holden of the Surfside, Texas’ offshore fishing vessel The Boobytrap. Captain Holden and his crew specialize in targeting big swordfish and they made national headlines recently when they brought home a 493 lb swordfish that shattered the former Texas state record by over 150 lbs! We talk about that experience and the underrated swordfish fishery that exists just off the Texas coast. This is one heck of a billfish:

 photo BoobyTrap_zps45dd88c5.png

Next we are joined by longtime outdoor writer Brian McCombie who writes for such publications as North American Hunter Magazine, Outdoor Life, Gun Digest and NRA’s American Hunter. Brian’s recent piece in North American Hunter breaks down the effectiveness of the popular .223 round on feral hogs. This round was originally intended for smaller game such as varmints and predators but with improvements in quality and longer, heavier grain .223 bullet options- this caliber can prove to be a lethal hog killing machine. We talk about some of his favorite .223 rounds on the market as well as shot placement. Brian with a nice East, TX hog he piled up with his .223 AR.

 photo BrianMcCombie223_zpsc1eeeb48.jpg

We round out the broadcast by talking about the ever increasingly popular sport of kayak fishing when Dustin Koreba drops in. Dustin is the founder of a very unique tournament series that caters to the kayak specific angler. The Lone Star Kayak Series is a Houston/Galveston based redfish series that is averaging over 80 anglers per tournament in 2013. With a 75% payout structure, this series looks like it’s here to stay. There are plenty of pros to kayak fishing such as fuel cost, easy access and physical exercise. Dustin w/ a nice Texas bull red!

 photo DustinKorebaHFT_zps0f1eb89a.jpg