We start this week’s show off by talking archery with one of the worlds all time great competitive shooters. At age 26, Levi Morgan already has 10 ASA Shoot of the Year awards, 10 ASA World Championships and has a litany of other archery records and achievements to his credit. We discuss the practice routine he adopted to get to where he’s at today. Of course it’s not all competitive shooting with Levi, he loves bow hunting as much as tournaments and you’ve probably seen his show ‘Name The Game’ which airs on Sportsman Channel (7:30 PM CST).

Levi reflects on his favorite hunt of 2013. We even somehow meander off the path and get into how airlines treat your bow once you’ve checked it. Useful info for any of us who travel West to hunt big game. And finally we discuss the million dollar question…why did Levi leave Mathews to become the face of Elite Archery? Of course we are glad he did, but Levi breaks it all down for us.

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Then we check in with a good ‘ol Texas boy who we had the pleasure of hunting with a couple weekends ago while filming a pilot for Valence Outdoors hunting show. A native of the Texas Hill Country, you’ve probably seen Stephen Mcgee sling the pigskin around at Texas A&M and then for the Dallas Cowboys. But more than football, it’s hunting that get’s Stephen’s blood pumping. While on our hunt at Squaw Mountain Ranch, the evening was winding down and folks were hanging out around the campfire having a few adult beverages. Stephen on the other hand was looking for someone to go call coyotes with and that’s when I realized this was my kind of Aggie!

He ended up harvesting a beautiful Scimitar Horned Oryx on the hunt. We relive the 6 hour hunt and stalk that it took to get the bull down. We also talk predator hunting and even mountain lion hunting (Below: Stephen with his giant Utah tom) & we’ll mix in some whitetail discussion before rounding out our visit by having him tell us about the time he took his former Dallas Cowboy team mate Miles Austin on his first deer hunt. I guarantee it will make you laugh!

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We round out the broadcast by talking tarpon with Costa Del Mar Sunglasses Inshore Community Manager Mike Holliday. A longtime outdoor writer and fishing guide, we discuss the glory days of tarpon fishing on the Gulf Coast. Sadly by the mid 1900’s the giant schools of migrating tarpon were a thing of the past. But because of conservation and a catch and release mindset there are still fishable numbers of tarpon. Captain Holliday tells us how to locate them and what to throw at ’em. Once your hooked up, hold on tight for these fish are known for their breathtaking aerial displays.

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We also discuss how excited we are to have Costa Del Mar’s continued involve with our show. Costa will remain our official sunglasses sponsor and partner which is great news since they’ve given us 12 pairs of Costa’s to give away on the air in 2014! Mike discusses some of the new models that were just released and we also discuss how the yellow hued lens actually allows for the greatest visibility below the surface. 12 pairs of Costa’s for you guys in 2014. We are pumped to be working so closely with the industry standard!

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