We start this week by visiting with Pope and Young Club President Jim Willems. Founded in 1961, P&Y Club is one of America’s most influential and longest lasting hunting organizations. They have more than any other entity to promote the great sport of bowhunting. In this broadcast we get into the always controversial topic of high fences and there place in today’s hunting community.

I disagree with the club’s statement that all high fence hunting operations are “extreme examples of unethical hunting” and would argue that anyone who believes that is true has never chased whitetails on a 3000 acre high fence ranch. There is a common misconception among many hunters that folks in Texas just shake a feed bucket and the animals come running to you. Most Texans realize that is far from the case.

Jim and I discuss the reason for the club’s stance and you will hear why the Pope & Young Club has a long standing tradition of condemning all high fence hunting. Jim and I have a friendly discussion and also cover some other hunting scenarios that the club either deems acceptable or not. Whether you agree with the Pope & Young Club on this specific issue or not, it’s important to understand where they are coming from and that they have honest and good intentions for bowhunters everywhere. Jim with a beautiful buck harvested with traditional archery tackle:

 photo JimWillems_zps4d03c139.jpg

Then, a real treat when the pride of Maypearl, Texas drops by the studio. Bart Crow burst onto the Texas music scene in 2005 and has since earned a reputation as one of the Lone Star State’s premiere singer/songwriters and live performers. Bart always has his guitar in tow so we’ll hear some great tunes and talk some hunting and fishing with this small town Texas native. Bart performing the title track and #1 single off his latest record”Dandelion” in the Lone Star Outdoors Show studio:

 photo BartCrowGuitar-Copy_zpscbd41c44.jpg