Spring turkey in Texas might be winding down, but there is still plenty of time to harvest that last minute tom in the North and Eastern Zones. This weekend we start off by discussing some late season turkey tips with longtime outdoor writer Tom Carpenter. His recent article “Turkey School” was featured in the April issue of Outdoor Life Magazine. Today we break down some of those late season strategies. Bottom line though is that if there is a day left in the season and you have a tag- get into the turkey woods! Tom with a nice Minnesota gobbler from this season:

 photo TomCarpenterTurkey_zps4c9066e5.jpg

Next we check in with the man often referred to as the “Godfather of Progressive/Texas Country Music” when the great Gary P Nunn drops by the studio to talk some outdoors and play a couple classic tunes. From ‘London Homesick Blues’ to ‘Friends for Life’, ‘What I Like About Texas’ and countless others, Gary P Nunn has been a mainstay on the Texas music scene for the better part of 5 decades! We get an in depth look at the history of that scene as well as get into a Montana elk hunt and countless trips to the Texas coast for trout and redfish!

 photo GaryPNunnampCable-Copy_zps71b53fa4.jpg

We wrap things up by covering the 2014 red snapper season, or should we say lack of a red snapper season after the Gulf Coast Fisheries Management Council released the dates for an 11 day red snapper season! For the 2nd year in a row the snapper season has been slashed in half. Down from 27 days in 2013 and all they from 180 days as recently as 2007. I figured we check in with a captain who has fished off the Texas coast for the majority of their life in order to get a first hand, on the water day in and day out perspective on the issue.

Captain Paul Eccleston has been fishing off the coast since the late 1970s. Not only does an 11 day season hurt plenty of Texas’ coastal fishing communities, but the recommendation seems to come completely out of left field without any regard to a sound scientific approach. Captain Eccleston breaks it down for us. (Giant schools of healthy red snapper are a common sight up and down the Texas coast)

 photo RedSnapperNewest2014_zps6c2cc60c.jpg