We get things rolling by talking trophy trout with our good friend Billy Gerke of Foreverlast Hunting And Fishing. February through March is the best time to land that trout of a lifetime as the sows are fattening up as they prepare to spawn. Billy talks about where he is finding big fish along the coast and what presentations they are hitting. We also discuss some exciting new fishing products from Foreverlast that will be coming out this spring! Billy with a 28 inch spec caught in Baffin Bay this week:

 photo BillyGerkeTrout_zps8f75b6db.jpg

Roy Head might be a musical icon with a career spanning over 4 decades, but at heart the South Texas good ‘ole boy is as big an outdoorsman as you’ll find. Roy joins as from his ‘Horny Porch’ (his front porch that is adorned with the racks of 20 plus bucks he’s killed over the years) to talk big deer and revisit what it was like to pioneer the moon walk long before Michael Jackson made it part of modern pop culture. Often compared to Elvis for his dancing and stage presence this Rockabilly and Country Music Hall of Famer hasn’t lost his ability to entertain. I guarantee you won’t want to miss the stories Roy shares on our airwaves! What a riot. (Roy playing ‘Treat Her Right’ to a full house circa 1965)

 photo RoHead_zps4e7236f4.png

We then talk axis deer with South Texas hunter Andrew Hunt who in April of 2014 shot the new SCI World Record #1 free ranging axis buck. After the buck was stripped of it’s velvet and the horns dried, the official score of 172 makes this Boerne, Texas bruiser the largest axis ever killed. 37 inch beams on each side…unreal! This is also the first buck (of any kind) that Andrew has harvested. Anyway, we relive that experience and what it was like for Andrew. He had no idea what he’d done until his guide got the tape measurer out and began to get extremely excited. It’s a real treat to hear Andrew share this surreal string of events that led to his harvest of the new world record axis taken at Joshua Creek Ranch.

 photo AndrewHuntAxisDeer_zpsd5961872.jpg

We wrap things up by talking whitetail management with our longtime friend Dr. James Kroll – AKA ‘Dr. Deer’. The season has come and gone and now the real work begins as far as habitat management, food plots, and predator control. Dr. Deer also discusses the role one specific predator could be having on the mortality rate of mature whitetails – and it’s not a coyote! We also dive into the upcoming 10th Annual Dr. Deer Field Day which takes place in Nacogdoches on Saturday, March 14th. Always a pleasure to talk big bucks with one of the industries most respected voices.

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