Why is everyone so quick to judge an angler who decides to keep a few bass, or maybe like in the picture below- a cooler full of bass? Sure, I don’t keep largemouths I catch on public water, but that practice goes out the window if I’m on a smaller, private water body. There is alot of ignorance and misconception about regulations and bag limits concerning private water so TPWD Denton County Game Warden Daron Blackerby joins the show to set the record straight on what you can and can’t do on private vs public water.

Plus, in the same vein as trying to grow and harvest big deer, folks need to understand that culling some of the smaller bass out of a specific pond or small lake is a healthy practice and the remaining fish benefit immensely. So, next time we see someone posing with what looks like 25 largemouths over their limit- lets not be so quick to judge.

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Next, one of the mainstays on the Texas music scene drops by the studio. East Texas native Brandon Rhyder has been writing and singing some of the most soulful music Texas has seen over the past dozen or so years. So, we talk some music and take a listen to a few songs while mixing in some hunting and fishing discussion. Brandon is an avid bowhunter and hasn’t even picked up the trusty 30-30 in years. Get ready for a brand spankin’ new tune about hunting and being raised in a family where guns were a part of everyday life. I know it will speak to you just as it does me.

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We round out the show when our longtime friend, renown predator hunter, TV show host and outdoor writer Gary Roberson drops in to talk turkeys. His recent article in TTHA Magazine ‘T for Texas, T for Turkeys’ offers some great insight on running and gunning mature Rios. How do you close the camp on that responsive tom? How do fences affect the way you should set up? What about decoys? All that and much more with an outdoorsman who punched his first Texas turkey tag back in the early 1960s.

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