Michael Waddell is perhaps the most recognizable face on Outdoor Channel. His hit shows “Bone Collector” and “Realtree Roadtrips” are mainstays on the network’s lineup. What most folks don’t realize however, is that Michael actually got his start in the industry based off the fact that he is an NWTF World Turkey Calling Champion.

Of course he is mostly seen these days punching arrows through the vitals of big racked bucks, but it was the turkey woods that opened the door. So, today we talk all things spring gobblers with one of the absolute best. He even does a calling demo for us on how he coaxes that mature tom into shotgun range that has hung up at 70-80 yards. Michael also offers insight into the pros and cons of the running and gunning style of turkey hunting he is known for. Check out “Bone Collector” Monday nights 7 PM on Outdoor Channel.

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Next up we talk spring crappie fishing with our longtime friend and fishing guide Greg Pavur of Pavur Outdoors. The Texas spring spawn is either going on right now in your local reservoir, creek or river- or it’s about to! Greg tells us what to look for as far as using water temperature as an indicator as to when males will begin moving shallow in order to prepare beds that females will lay their eggs in.

Greg also breaks down his set up. From rod and reel selection to what lb test he prefers. We discuss vertical jigging and his favorite skirt colors. What about fishing at night? Greg shares years of knowledge and experience chasing slabs with us! Be sure to check out Pavur Outdoors for your next fishing trip. Greg with a mess of North Texas crappie:

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We wrap things up when Pope & Young Club President Jim Willems drops by. Now in it’s 54th year, we discuss the club’s history and how it was instrumental in creating archery only seasons in many states. We then get into record keeping and one can go about submitting an entry into the record books. Especially in situations where the club might not recognize a species from a specific region. This is not an oversight by the club, they have established boundaries and they amend them as trophies are submitted.

Jim and I also tackle the unfortunate division that exists between different factions of the hunting community. There is an elitist attitude that sadly enough is fostered by many hunters in the public eye. Most of it is misguided and founded purely on the lack of understanding between the way sportsmen and women hunt in various regions. We ask Jim the tough questions and he gladly steps up and answers them.

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