Dr. James Kroll (Dr. Deer) makes his return to the broadcast this week as we talk mid summer whitetail management tips/practices that can be implemented during the dog days of summer. From what you should be planting and on what percentage of your ranch/lease, to land improvement projects and much more. We also discuss this incredibly wet spring and it’s affect on antler growth. Is there any truth to the thought that folks who feed protein will actually see worse head gear this season compared to those whose deer are only afforded natural browse? Dr. Deer gives us his thoughts.

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Next up we talk some summertime crappie and catfish with our friend and longtime guide Greg Pavur of Pavur Outdoors. Greg shares years of knowledge amassed from chasing both species year round. He knows where the slabs are staging as water temperatures continue to rise. He tells where to find them and what color jig skirts are putting the most fish in the boat. Then we change directions and talk about Texas 2nd most sought after game fish. Catfish has long been Greg’s favorite quarry and he is putting anglers on big shallow water blue cats this time of year. We discuss his set ups, from hooks and line to what baits he prefers mid summer. (Couple of happy anglers on a recent trip with Pavur Outdoors).

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Then we are joined by Elite Archery’s Marketing Director Tim Kent. Elite Archery is known as the most ‘shootable’ bow in the industry and that is something Elite takes pride in. Tim explains what ‘Shootability’ really means and while Elite isn’t chasing the speed game like other manufactures, they continue to offer both hunters and competitive shooters a bow that consistently puts the arrow in where they want it.

We also discuss the recent boom in the archery industry as a whole as well as discuss a few of Tim’s favorite bow hunts from over 30 years of bowhunting. Of course we also have to discuss our July Photo of the Month Contest sponsored by Elite Archery. This month’s winner gets to customize their own bow from Elite! (Tim with a Midwestern bruiser of a buck)

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Ducks Unlimited’s Chief Conservation Officer Paul Schmidt rounds out the broadcast as we discuss the USFWS annual survey results. What species saw significant upticks in their numbers this year? What about species that really didn’t fare as well? Overall how do duck numbers look and how did the drought in the Prairie Pothole Region affect the migratory nature of the many puddle ducks that routinely nest there? Look for Canada’s Boreal Forest to play a much great role in this year’s recruitment. (Canvasbacks are one of the species which saw a significant increase in their numbers this spring).

 photo canvasback-ducks-aythya-valisineria-george-grall_zpsqbywn8en.jpg