Louisiana native Josh Carney -AKA ‘The Son of the South’ gets this going for us. A lifelong hunter, Josh was accidentally shot by his father and paralyzed in a hunting accident at the age of 13. But overcoming all odds, Josh is making a name for himself in the outdoor industry. One of the shotgun pellets that nearly cost him his life actually altered his vocal chords and he now has the ability to create some incredibly realistic wildlife vocalizations. From, turkey to geese and everything in between, Josh does some live calling demos for us on the air (he called in 67 turkeys last season using nothing but his voice!).

We talk about the obstacles he has to overcome but how his love for hunting (especially bow hunting) fuels his daily life. A seasoned cameraman, he gives us some videography tips for those of us wishing to film our own hunts. At the 2014 ATA show, people began to notice Josh had a gift and special charm about him. So much so, that NRA All Access Television on Outdoor Channel did a feature on Josh and his family. The jack of all trades was even awarded a scholarship and shoots on the Bethel College archery team. I am not sure what the future holds for the young man, but I know it’s bright!

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Next, we discuss our artificial reef system off the Texas coast with Texas Parks and Wildlife Artificial Reef Program Leader Dale Shively. It’s no secret that the oil platforms and other man made structures that exist off the Texas coast have resulted in the world’s largest reef system. Dale talks about some ongoing projects where new reefs are being put in and on who’s dime. (You might be surprised to find out who is footing the bill).

We discuss the reef system’s financial impact resulting from sport fishing and the species that anglers target while fishing these man made structures. Dale discusses the interesting process by which defunct oil platforms are ‘reefed’. Lastly, Dale talks about a new red snapper tracking program. A research project that could be instrumental in Gulf Coast states taking control of snapper fisheries (outside of 9 nautical miles) from the feds. Something that we all want!

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Our longtime friend and Mossberg Firearms Director of Media Relations Linda Powell rounds out the show. A passionate big game hunter, Linda talks about the new Mossberg Patriot line of rifles- including the .375 Ruger- a caliber she hopes to test out on an Alaskan brown bear in the coming weeks. Now in their 96th year, OF Mossberg & Sons has long been known for their shotgun line up as well. Linda has some news to share with us on the front as well regarding the Duck Commander Pro Series line- exciting stuff as we will be giving away a Duck Commander Pro Series Semi Auto 12 Gauge this month!

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