A fully velvet racked Central Texas buck taken in mid November? Yes indeed! Deer hunter Tye Cooney joins the show to talk about his epic hunt for this 153 inch ‘Cactus Buck’ he took on his family ranch in Coryell County. The buck had previously busted Tye drawing his bow on a prior hunt. What changed on November 18th so that Tye could seal the deal? What did Texas Parks and Wildlife have to say regarding the cause for this rare condition? We get all the details.

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Next we talk feral hog hunting with our friend and longtime outfitter Greg Pavur of Pavur Outdoors. An invasive species that many Texans take for granted, Greg has hunters from all over the U.S. come hunt feral hogs on his 1,600 acre ranch near Seymour, TX. We discuss feral hog movements and Greg gives some interesting insight into how much these animals move everyday. Greg takes pride in putting his hunters in position to ambush trophy hogs on well used game trails.

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The Ryan family is synonymous with baseball and the Great Outdoors in the Lone Star State. Hall of Fame pitcher Nolan Ryan’s son Reid is the President and GM of the Houston Astros. He talks about building a young Astros team that this past season won the AL Wild Card en route to their first playoff appearance since 2005. We also discuss the role that hunting had in the Ryan household during Reid’s upbringing. A former hunting show host, Reid is all about big bucks and he prefers to rattle ’em in!

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We wrap thing up when our old friend and living waterfowl relic ‘Duck G’ of G&H Decoys stops by. Nearly 82 years old, Duck is the 3rd generation owner of G&H which was founded by his dad and grandfather in 1934. Still American made and American proud, G&H makes the most durable waterfowl decoy on the market. Always, the innovator, Duck discusses the changes he’s witnessed in the decoy industry and waterfowling in general. We discuss the brand new for this season Navigator motorized swimming decoy. We will also give a Navigator away during our visit!

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