We talk whitetail deer regulation changes for the 2016-17 season- including a two week muzzleloader only late season for 32 Texas counties. Our Texas Parks and Wildlife Whitetail Program Leader Alan Cain gives us the details on that and other proposed changes for next season.

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Next, our old friend Captain Mike Holliday drops in to talk all things snook fishing. These highly prized trophy fish put up a hell of a fight and Mike tells us where to find them and how to catch them this time of year.

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We then put a bow on the 2015-16 Texas waterfowl season when Ducks Unlimited Southern Region Biologist Kirby Brown makes his return. With record duck numbers on the continent, this should have been a banner year for Texas duck/goose hunters. Sadly, it didn’t pan out the way many thought it would. Kirby breaks down the reasons for such a poor year despite great conditions and record duck numbers. (shovelers were one of the few duck species to show up in big numbers across the Lone Star State this fall)

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We round out the show by discussing a real threat to our coastal fisheries when Matagorda Bay Ecosystem Program Leader Leslie Hartman stops by. The invasive lionfish is starting to show up in big concentrations throughout the Gulf of Mexico. This Pacific Ocean native has no natural predators due to their venomous spines. With no predatory threat and a voracious appetite, they are of major concern. Leslie talks about what TPWD and the private sector can do to help combat their spread. Much like feral hogs, it will be impossible to get rid of them but we might be able to control their numbers to some extent.

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