We visit with James Henderson who killed the biggest buck (free range) in Texas this year. Taken on public land no less! 229 6/8 inches and 28 points.

 photo JamesHendersonBuck_zpsey91suqz.jpg

Then we check in with the best tournament angler ever to wet a line when Kevin Van Dam drops by. We talk about the upcoming BassMaster Classic- which will be his 25th! He has won 4 already and is hungry for #5.

 photo KVD2_zpsbxg54t2z.jpg

We finish up by hitting the Northeast Texas woods with our friend Clay Ashby and his hounds. A lifelong houndsman, I had the pleasure of tagging along with Clay, his son Colt and their hounds on a recent coon hunt. Raccoon hunting is a dying past time but folks like Clay that keep hanging onto this way of life are keeping the fire flickering for future generations of houndsmen.

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