We get the ball rolling when our old friend and with Field and Stream Magazine Shotgun Editor Phil Bourjaily drops in. How often should you be cleaning your shotgun? What about semi autos vs pumps and their maintenance? Do American made guns require more maintenance than their foreign counter parts? We also pick Phil’s brain on whether one brand of shot shell is more corrosive than another.

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Then we talk big bass with our buddy Charles Whited of Barefoot Fishing Tours. Often times an angler gets excited once he has a visual on how big a bass truly is and that is where mistakes start to occur that can lead to heartache right at the boat. Charles is no stranger to lunkers, having caught this 13 plus lb Lake Austin Sharelunker himself. Charles gives us a couple tips that might just be the difference in the catch of a lifetime or another ‘the one that got away’ tale.

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We wrap things up by talking gun control and gun culture with Jason Selmes- host of The Australian Hunting Podcast. We break down Australia’s 1996 government enforced gun buy back and it’s affect on Australia 20 years after the fact. Hunters like Jason are forced to use over/under style shotguns to pursue their quarries since both semi auto and pump action shotguns are banned. (Jason with a nice red fox, taken with a camoed up over/under)

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Some of the 660,000 rifles and shotguns that Australians were forced to give up per the National Firearms Agreement that was forced upon them.

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