Outdoor writer Cavan Williams from OnXMaps drops in to discuss the USFWS proposed delisting of the Grizzly bear in the Lower 48. Federally protected since 1975, the Grizzly population has rebounded and thrived to the point where strictly managed hunting could soon be implemented as a management tool in the Great Yellowstone area states of Wyoming, Montana and Idaho. We discuss what obstacles stand in the way as far as anti hunting groups go, as well as the structure of the management plan.

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It’s no secret that live bait catches fish, but when it comes to speckled trout- croaker is impossible to beat. But there is a lot more that goes into this ancient relationship between these two species. We discuss in detail with Captain Len’s Fishing Guide Service on this weekend’s show. Plus, we get Captain Len’s take on the overall vitality of the trout fishery and whether or not the new 5 fish limit has had an immediate impact on population and overall size of the trout. (Photo Louisiana Sportsmen)

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We wrap things up by taking an in depth look at waterfowling history in North America and the role that wooden decoys and the men who carved them had in shaping this great sport. Ron Gard is a long time duck hunter and decoy collector and part of his collection is currently on display at the Perot Museum in Downtown Dallas. We are thrilled to have Ron join us to discuss our rich duck hunting tradition from the market hunting days of the 1800 and early 1900s to the point we are at today.

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