We talk Africa 101 with Derrick Ratliff of Horizon Firearms. What can you expect when planning your first safari? Budget? Travel? Caliber? Bullet choice? We break it all down with our old friend who just returned from South Africa on his first trip to the Dark Continent- taking 6 trophy animals in 6 days with John X Safaris. You might be surprised to hear what his budget was. (Derrick with a beautiful Nyala taken with his 6.5 Creedmoor)

 photo Horizon Derrick_zpsstgf91wy.jpg

Next we talk Lake Texoma striped bass with our bud Jacob Orr of Limitless Outdoor Adventures. The famous striper fishery is one of only 5 landlocked lakes in the U.S. where striped bass can successfully reproduce. Although the epic floods of 2015 had a negative affect on the spawn, Jacob explains why lake and the striper fishing are well on their way back. Jacob with a couple happy young anglers.

 photo Jacob_zpscyfzj10w.jpg

We wrap up the broadcast with some off season archery tips from Cinnamon Creek Ranch pro Chris Lutsinger. The goal is to be sharp for archery season, and Chris provides some insight on things we can do to make sure we execute a perfect shot when that big buck steps out this fall.

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