We start things off by diving into some whitetail management philosophy with our old friend and renown whitetail authority Dr. James Kroll. At what age do you determine whether or not a buck is going to be a trophy or a cull? What factors determine how you decide? ” Dr Deer” gives us his take. Plus, we discuss the ideal doe harvest plan and ideal doe age structure on a property. (these bucks are regulars at the bait site on my whitetail lease – the brow tine less individual is #1 on the cull list this fall)

 photo Cull_zpskvvufiuj.jpg

Then, our good buddy and country music throwback Zane Williams drops by the studio. Zane’s new record ‘Bringing Country Back’ was released this week. Check it out on ITunes. We hear a couple brand new tunes and rehash some of the more memorable hunting trips we’ve shared. One thing is for sure, if Zane is around the animals usually don’t cooperate!

 photo Zane Oct 2016_zpsuagdtri3.jpg

Exception to the rule! Zane with this Axis buck he harvested at the first Guns and Guitars Hunt at Koon’s Canyon Ranch.

 photo ZaneAxis_zpsxug9hr3p.jpg

We wrap up this week’s broadcast by talking some late fall wild game dishes with The Sporting Chef – Scott Leysath. The longtime TV show host, author and outdoorsman offers up a couple seasonal dishes that you might want to try while in the backcountry or at the deer lease this fall. Get ready to beer poach some fresh fish and chicken fry those venison hearts with one of the most respected wild game chefs out there.

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