We start off by visiting with Lili Sams regarding her October moose hunt in British Columbia. This bucket list with her father David Sams of Lone Star Outdoor News was 5 years in the making. The weather was beyond frigid but Lili was driven to hunt harder than she ever had. The Texas native, turned New York City photo editor ended up making the most of the one shot opportunity she had. We discuss what it meant for her to share this with her dad, and the legacy that he has passed on to her as a hunter. (Lili and David sharing in her successful harvest of a giant bull- Photo Lone Star Outdoor News)

 photo Lili David_zpsvwnccnse.png

Lili and I taping the interview on location at the 2017 Dallas Safari Club show. As father of two daughters, it was inspiring for me to hear how much hunting with her father has shaped who she is and how much it still means to her. Oh, and of course moose hunting is on the bucket list too 🙂

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Next, we check in with Carl Van Zyl of John X Safaris. Carl breaks down the current programs that John X has in place to ensure that our legacy as hunters is continued to be passed down to the next generation of hunters and conservationists. We also dive into our upcoming South African Safari. Carl talks about a few of the species on the list and which ones he believes will be the most challenging to harvest. (Eland is at the top of my list)

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Then we round out the show by checking in with our old friend Melissa Bachman- host of Winchester’s Deadly Passion on Sportsman’s Channel. Not only is Melissa an accomplished big game hunter, she also takes pride in and understands the value of being a role model for young female hunters. Then we address the infamous lion hunt of 2013. A Pre Cecil hunt that created firestorms and even social media pages whose entire goal was to stop Melissa Bachman from hunting ever again. (Melissa with a well deserved lion)

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