Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller jumps on with us to talk about his directive that will allow the use of poison as a means for farmers to help control feral hogs. This has been front and center on the minds of sportsmen and women alike since it was announced last week. What affect will the poison have on other wildlife that will undoubtedly consume the KAPUT wafers? How long does it take to kill a hog once it’s been ingested? What about scavengers and birds that eat the poisoned carcass? All that and much more with Commissioner Miller.

 photo Sid Miller 369_zpsz6mnghpd.jpg

Next, we talk some predator hunting with Colten Gillum of Laramy, Wyoming. With over 200 coyotes called in and dispatched this fall/winter, Colten is an expert on the subject of calling song dogs. What nobody expected was for him to cut a lion track during a recent state championship coyote hunt and then go back to that area and call in the lion! Calling big cats isn’t a strategy that pays off very often. In fact, most of Colten’s buds called him crazy for even attempting it. But, he stuck to his guns and went back after the tournament and did in fact call in and harvest this Wyoming tomcat. He gives us the nitty, gritty details on this predator hunter’s hunt of a lifetime! What a feat.

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We wrap things up by talking sheep hunting with bowhunter Tony Loop. Tony recently broke the world record for Desert Big Horn taken with archery equipment. He hunted this ram for 21 days before finally having an opportunity to put a stalk on the old warrior. At over 186 inches, the ram will smash the previous world record by over 10 inches! Tony talks about the 4 sheep he’s harvested in his career as bowhunter and goes into detail on what he has in the works for future. Hope I’m still traipsing through the mountains chasing big game at 59 years old!

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