We’re joined in studio by our friend Jeff Bynum who had a close call last week being shot twice in buck shot while hog hunting in South Texas. This should serve as a reminder that you can’t be cautious enough with a loaded firearm.

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Next, we discuss the Lake Fork Classic Charity Fishing Tournament with Craig Roberts. This tournament started as a get away for a couple close friends to drink beer and fish Lake Fork. A decade later it has evolved into a non profit that just eclipsed the $100,000 donation mark to Camp John Marc for disabled children.

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Then we check in with Texas Wildlife Association CEO David Yeates concerning some pressing wildlife bills that are being voted on in Austin. Specifically regarding pen raised and breeder deer identification protocol which is vitally important from a disease control perspective.

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We wrap up the broadcast by talking whitetail deer of all things with the greatest bass fisherman the world has ever seen when Kevin Van Dam makes his return to the show. Kevin admits that he fishes partly to fund his whitetail addiction! Good times with the best of the best.

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