World respected conservationist, biologist, writer and Conservation Visions founder Shane Mahoney joins me this week for an in depth conversation on a couple different topics. First, we take a look at the term ‘Trophy Hunting’. It’s origins mean something totally different from how many people interpret it today. Why the shift in attitude toward that term over the past 100 years? Should we as hunting community embrace that terminology or shy away from it? After all, isn’t being a selective hunter and trying to harvest the mature male of the species not only trophy hunting, but also conservation? We dive in deep with one of the most respected individuals among our ranks.

Then we take a look at a new study Shane is heading up in North America. The goal of the study is to quantify (in pounds) how much protein hunters and anglers harvest each year. What if hunting/fishing were to go away? Can you imagine the economic windfall and direct affect it would take on our society as we know it? I don’t want to go into too much detail, best just to tune in and let Shane explain the implications. (Millions of North Americans head to the woods or water to harvest their food each year)

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