I’m honored to have an outdoor legend join the show this week in the form of J Wayne Fears. The longtime author and lifelong outdoorsman has written over 6,200 published articles to go along with 33 books covering a myriad of outdoor related topics. Today’s discussion however, will focus on the lives of those American frontiersmen, mountain men and long gun hunters/trappers that came before us. J Wayne talks about their clothing, weapons, diet and hardships they faced. It was a hard life, much different from ours with our $1000 layering system and modern weapons. I find looking at where we came from to where we are today a fascinating topic and J Wayne adds a wealth of knowledge to the discussion. (J Wayne with a nice whitetail buck)

Then we head to the Texas Hill Country to chase my favorite exotic species with longtime axis deer guide Eric Harrison. We take a listen to the Ezy Axis deer call and Eric demonstrates how he uses this call to bring in axis deer pretty much year round. Heck, I might even make a fool of myself and try to blow the call during the visit. We also get his favorite axis deer recipe and discuss using rattling horns when axis hunting. (Eric and a recent client with a monster low fence axis)