Renown hunter, author and videographer Remi Warren makes his return to the show this week. Many of you have heard about the Grizzly charge experienced by the Meat Eater crew recently. Remi was there and recounts that hairy experience firsthand. In reality, does it really matter if you have pepper spray or a gun? Or is the bear just on you before you know it? Remi gives us his take after surviving one of the most scary interactions a hunter can face in North America (or anywhere for that matter).

Then we shift gears and discuss taking on the backcountry during the dead of winter. Snow and sub freezing temps are common during late season hunts. Remi gives us some of his favorite tips on how to stay warm and functioning in those harsh environments. We talk gear, how to heat your sleeping bag, footwear, starting a fire and even nutrition. (Remi with a nice elk he took in less than ideal conditions)

Then we spend a couple segments calling coyotes with our old friend Jeff Thomason of Predator Pursuit. We break down his usual set up and the sounds he plays this time of year. Then Jeff gives us a couple outside the box tips, one that has proven especially deadly for grey fox. (Jeff with a night’s fur haul)