We start by checking in with Pope and Young Club President Jim Willems. Topics discussed include: hunting with traditional archery equipment, elk hunting the west, the Crossman Airbow, how P&Y and Boone and Crockett came to a gentleman’s agreement on scoring process, USFWS’ continued mishandling of wildlife policy and much more! (Jim and I sat down to visit this at the recent Dallas Safari Club Convention)

(Jim with this season’s Kansas bruiser taken with his recurve)

Then we spend some time visiting with Patrick Foigel- PR Director for Earth X (Formerly Earth Day Texas). What does this tree hugging, seemingly hippy backed organization have to do with hunting? Well, surprisingly they understand that sustainable use hunting is indeed conservation. So this is a conversation well worth having, one that I hope drives the needle in the right direction as far as two sides starting to understand each other. Maybe not agreeing with the other, but at least understanding and respecting each other’s stance.