We start things off by discussing the 100% Carnivore Diet with Dr. Shawn Baker. At 51 years young, Dr. Baker is as chiseled as it gets. He is healthier than he’s ever been and he’s done by eating nothing but steak for 14 months! That’s right a 100% animal protein diet. No fruits, no veggies, no carbs.

We discuss the Carnivore Movement that seems to be healing people with all kinds of health ailments. What, if any are the negative side affects of the Carnivore Diet? Does this diet only work for people who are into training or working out regularly? Also, where does wild game fit vs domestically raised animal protein? Dr. Baker gives us his take.

(Photo: Jeremiah Doughty- @FromFieldToPlate)

(Dr. Baker looking lean and fit after 14 months of eating nothing but meat)

Then we sit down with Backcountry Hunters and Anglers Board Chairman Ryan Busse. We dive into BHA’s grassroots structure and how that approach is translating into the fastest growing public lands conservation group in North America. Also, how does Ryan and BHA feel the Trump Administration has done thus far in representing the interests of sportsmen and women – specifically the proposed 90% cut to the Land and Water Conservation Fund. We also lighten things up a bit by talking upland hunting, classic shotguns and good working dogs.

(Ryan joined us in studio all the way from Montana)

(Ryan Busse with a Public Land Pronghorn)