We start off by discussing the new .22 Creedmoor caliber with our old friend and custom rifle builder Derrick Ratliff. The Horizon Firearms CEO is a huge fan of this round, which is a far cry from you grandad’s .22 plinker you shot as a kid. Traveling at over 3,300 FPS the .22 Creedmoor is a viable varmint to mid sized big game round. Capable of bringing down deer and hogs without issue.

Then we discuss a horrific tragedy that befell one of our good friends and longtime bow technician Chris Lutsinger and his family when their 30 lb Australian Shepherd “Pancho” was pulled underneath their 6 foot wooden privacy fence by a pack of urban coyotes. You can imagine the impact on the wife and kids when Chris had to tell them what had happened. So, in order to protect their remaining dog “Lefty”, Chris taught himself had to set and maintain snares around the perimeter of his fence. In a few short months, he has managed to catch and dispatch 8 urban coyotes right in the heart of his neighborhood in Denton, TX. The kiddos with Pancho (killed) and Lefty.

Coyote snared by Chris on the perimeter of his backyard fence. One of the 8 coyotes he’s snared since they killed and devoured his dog.

We round out the broadcast when longtime listener and avid Stanley Thermos collector Carter Copeland joins us in studio. Anyone who’s ever listened to the show knows I always refer to my Stanley thermos in the opening segment, and Carter has over 50 Stanley’s dating all the way back to 1913! We talk about the company then and now. Most people don’t realize how ground breaking the Stanley technology was at the time. They also produced products for our military, commercial airlines and hospitals. Fascinating stuff! A few pieces from Carter’s Stanley Thermos collection