Kopfjager Industries continues to push the envelope in precision shooting advancements. I’ve been a huge fan of their Reaper Grip for some time now and have had success hunting with it in a variety of applications. When I heard they were coming out with a new mount, specific for box blind hunters I knew we needed to take a closer look at the AMBUSH. Our friend Matt Banes (co founder of Kopfjager Industries) joins us in the studio to discuss the new mount and the latest and greatest from Kopfjager.

Next, I sit down with some good friends in the form of Ducks Unlimited’s Chris Jennings, Mossberg’s Linda Powell and Kent Cartridge’s Andrew Howard. The 4 of us recently met down at the Texas coast for early teal season. On this media hunt we were using 28 gauge Mossberg’s with Kent Bismuth loads and Mossberg 20 gauges with Kent Teal Steel #6’s. Small gauges for waterfowl made for some sporty shooting no doubt and the 4 of us sat down for a round table discussion after one of the hunts.

Topics included: Bismuth’s lethality, the Trump Slump in the firearms industry, crappie vs walleye for the table, “Minnesota Nice”, Lake of the Woods grouse hunting, Duck Hunter numbers on the uptick and much more.

We wrap up the broadcast by spending some time with Plateau Land and Wildlife’s Tim Milligan to discuss the option of enrolling one’s property into Wildlife Management vs Ag (running cattle). You might not be aware that you can keep your tax break the same by simply switching the exemption from Ag to Wildlife Management. Tim discusses the positives from doing so, and if you lease your hunting land (like me) then you still might want to let your landowner know about the possibility.