The state of Idaho estimates that there are between 700-800 wolves in the state. These are based solely on the number of wolves they are able to collar and track. In reality, there are closer to 2,500-3,000 wolves according to Foundation For Wildlife Management Director Justin Webb. Justin joins the show this week and we discuss the history of wolf reintroduction in Idaho and how things have spiraled out of control from a management standpoint. Hence, Justin’s creation of the Foundation for Wildlife Management- which offers a reimbursement check to any of it’s members how successfully trap a wolf. We also discuss the truth about wolves and the fact they do often times just kill to kill and don’t eat their victim. This fact coupled with the number of wolves currently in Idaho isn’t sustainable for cervid populations. The moose pictured below was mortally wounded by wolves and left to die a miserable death being picked at alive by scavengers.
The wolf I trapped in British Columbia. One of the most rewarding experiences of my career in the outdoors.
Next we spend some time with our buddy Zach Gates of All Seasons Feeders. 2019 has All Seasons pushing the envelope once again in feeder innovation with the new Monolith and Cotton Seed Feeder are paving the way. We also discuss the new Feed Sync Timer as well.