We start off this week’s show by talking Texas public land nilgai hunting with our friend Becky Guenther of Rustic Reminders Taxidermy. Generally speaking, Texas isn’t know for it’s public land drawn hunts. However, the nilgai draw for the Laguna Atascosa National Wildlife Refuge is a sought after hunt for both Texas residents and non residents. Becky and her husband Josh drew tags for the last hunt section of the year and they each managed to take a bull. Something only 4 out of 35 hunters accomplished! Becky gives us the details of this hunt from start to finish. It was well earned.
Becky sticks around for another segment on how to properly care for a velvet racked animal once you’ve killed it. At this point in the animal’s life, the antlers are full of blood and very fragile. Becky gives us some tips on how to properly care for it en route to your taxidermist.
Then we hear from our bud Larry McCoy of Elite Archery, Slick Trick Broadheads and the Outdoor Group. We discuss some instinctive tendencies that many non instinctive archers implement while hunting. Some are not intentional. Plus Powder River whitetail bucks, hybrid broadheads, back bars, the new Elite Ritual 35, and much more. (Larry and a nice Powder River buck take with his Ritual)