You probably would have thought you reached the pinnacle of your bass fishing career on the day you reeled in a 12.5 lb toad. Angler Cody Matheny thought just that until 4 days later he landed this 14 lb lunker! Cody joins us this week to talk about those crazy couple days in March. What did he catch them on? What depth? What was the weather like? Was his presentation fast or slow? We discuss it all but the ensuing craziness these fish caused at one sleepy, little West Texas lake.
Next, New Jersey bow hunter Tim Hesse shares the most insane whitetail deer story I’ve heard in recent memory (possibly ever). The buck below was an absolute monster for New Jersey and the entire town knew about him. Once the season started, the race was on to see who would be able to arrow the trophy buck. Tim recounts his game plan and how he was able to use a tiny piece of public land to get a shot at the buck. What happened over the course of the next 3 weeks will leave you scratching your head at the sorry actions of another “hunter”. Luckily for Tim, the outcome of this mess looks to have a happy ending. This is truly a whitetail tale for the ages.