Diving with tiger sharks and great whites is something I’ve never considered, certainly not without a cage anyway. But for One Ocean Dive Instructor and Shark Naturalist Kayleigh Grant, it’s just another day at the office off the coast of Hawaii’s Big Island.

We discuss the threats facing today’s global shark populations. Issues such as commercial long lining to feed Asia’s demand for shark fin soup. Also Kayleigh talks about One Ocean’s research division and how they help educate the public on shark behavior. (Kayleigh up close and personal with a giant Hawaiian tiger shark)

Then we head to Prince of Wales Island Alaska with our buddy Mark Boardman of Vortex Optics. Most folks are likely unaware that this is hunt is a random draw open to the public. We discuss the hunt as well as some of the latest Vortex products that we’ve both used on recent hunting trips. (Mark with his 2019 Prince of Wales Island bear)

We round out the show by checking in with South African tracker “Bless” of John X Safaris. What does he like/dislike about his job? What does the impact of trophy hunting have on his family? (Bless and I taping in the John X Safaris library in South Africa)