Every safari is unique to itself. My 3rd trip to hunt South Africa’s Eastern Cape with John X Safaris was more diverse than the previous two safaris. My friend and PH Carl Van Zyl (2nd Generation Owner of John X Safaris) and I set out to hunt a few species that had previously eluded us as well as a taking on a few new ones that included my first dangerous game encounter. We start by discussing one of Carl’s favorite species: the Cape Bushbok. Incredibly elusive and quite solitary, we finally found success after much glassing and few blown stalks. (Carl and I with our ram).
Next, we head into the high country to chase the reclusive and tiny Klipspringer antelope. Weighing between 20-25 lbs, these rock jumping mountain dwellers inhabit the Eastern Cape’s most unforgiving terrain. This specific ram had given Carl and his hunter’s fits for 5 years before our hunt. Sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good!
Hunting dangerous game is something that I’ve always romanticized about and on this safari that dream became a reality. Rhino Vitadarting offers hunters the experience of hunting a rhino without actually killing the animal. Why is this necessary? I admit I struggled with this one internally for a long time leading up to that day. In this discussion I’ll share my thoughts after having experienced it first hand.
Cold Lone Star Beer in South Africa? Say it ain’t so! Carl and I enjoying a well deserved beer after a long day of hunting kudu in the mountains.