Running and gunning feral hogs on horseback isn’t out of the norm for our friend Kaitlyn Lowes. We’ve been friends through our shared relationship with Pulsar Night Vision and Thermal Imaging for some time. I respect anyone who can train a horse to let them shoot off of it, as is the case with Kaitlyn and her Appaloosa Kodak. We discuss the training process and the level of trust required for both parties.

We also discuss the over the top sexually driven content from many of the female members of the outdoor community. Why did Kaitlyn decide against posting that kind of content on her social accounts? Undoubtedly it leads to increased followers, so what gives? I certainly respect her for abstaining.


Next, the honky tonk hippie and Texas songwriting legend Cory Morrow drops in. We take a listen to his new tune “Lets Take This Outside”- which was inspired by an outdoor non profit group that Cory is involved with. Plus we discuss faith, hunting, fishing and take a look back at the cocaine and booze filled days of his youth compared to he’s currently at on his journey. Oh, and we’ll also hear a couple oldies but goodies as well.