After almost 10 years and 500 Episodes, I figured it was time to discuss how the little old Lone Star Outdoor Show came about. Plenty of you have asked over the years and I’m always happy to discuss my background. However, my dad and his good buddy Tim Morgan are probably more qualified to uncover the true essence of how all this came about. So on this week’s show I invited my old man and lifelong family friend Tim to the studio to talk about their backgrounds and ultimately the influence they’ve had on me as an outdoorsman and backcountry enthusiast.

(Tim and Dad in studio)

Tim has put together an annual “Mountain Man” trip for 33 years running. Over 80 individuals have participated in the trip over the years and dad has made 32 of them. I remember him leaving for a long weekend of backpacking New Mexico as a kid. When I turned 21, I got the invite myself back around 2003 or so. (Dad, New Mexico circa late ’80s).

We also discuss what it takes to plan a trip of this nature. Generally, 10-15 men make the trip each year. So if you’re planning a group back country expedition, Tim has a ton of great insight what goes into that undertaking. We’ve also done 4 Boundary Water canoe trips over the years which we discuss in detail as well. Our 2019 trip to Ontario consisted of this motley crew – 18 men strong.

Anyway, these two are are by and large why I do this for a living today. It’s who I am and I am grateful for the fingerprints they’ve left on me over the last 38 years. So get ready for some funny stories and the journey that is the Lone Star Outdoor Show. (Earliest fishing photo I have of dad. Canyon Lake, TX circa late 1970s)

(Me and my happy place. Grouse hunting New Mexico at 11,000 feet. 2011)